Heroes & Villains of Dieting

Topics about diet and eating styles has become so fiercely debated its like people arguing about religion. You start seeing intense statements such as: “If you drink milk then you’re stupid!” “If you eat meat [...]

HSC Origin Story – Who Are You Guys?

Summer is coming to a close and Winter is coming! What an awesome turn-out for our second annual HSC Summer Kickback and our inaugural Kickball Championship game for the Deadpool trophy. As you can see [...]

Why You’re Still Weak

People who stay weak cannot be around people who constantly get better. Why? They’re two totally different mind-sets. One way of thinking is of constant hunger and drive. The other way of thinking is of incessant pride and comfort.

Cutting 16lbs in 7 Days without Cardio

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and everything I’d done to carry out my goal was done through my own discretion. You need to consult with a medical professional before starting any exercise program. [...]

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