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Who Are We

Our mission here at Hyper Strength & Conditioning (HSC) is to coach the underdog to surpass even their own expectations. HSC was nothing but a dream by Austin Toloza who was an up and coming trainer in San Jose, CA. Through his journey training and working throughout the fitness industry from your local health club to the professional sports scene such as the NFL, he aspired to open his own facility that focused on providing the fundamentals of strength & conditioning to the masses. Growing up and being inspired by stories of heroism from Batman & Superman to Dragonball Z, he wanted to provide a training facility that embodied that culture where members could nerd out about their favorite storylines and characters with each other while also training and pushing one another.



Justin Riray“I am now not afraid to go to the gym by myself and actually look forward to working out allll the time. Before it was such a task to drag myself to go. A huge part of that is due to the positive and welcoming atmosphere of HSC. All the members root for each other and make conditioning and lifting fun. The staff is awesome and always smiling and facility is kept very clean.”

– Karen Hong

Justin Riray“Lost 30 lbs in 4 months! Thank you, HSC!””

– Tristan Chen 

Justin Riray“Coach Austin and his staff are amazing. This is such a fun place to work out, and they really push you. So, HSC erases any ‘gym fear’ you may have, and they also become your new family. The coaches make you feel comfortable doing new things, or pushing yourself to new levels. We also all talk about sports, TV shows, movies, comics and video games. Pretty much, every fitness geek’s dream gym.”

– Justin Riray

Lorna“My husband and I have been training with Coach Austin for almost eight months now, and we can honestly say we are in the best shape at this point in our lives than we have been in the last 20 years.”

– Lorna DeGuzman

“I never power lifted before coming here and now I love it! The atmosphere is awesome and super welcoming. It’s also very motivational as people cheer you on after a good lift!”

– Megan Valencia

“I started coming here to cross train during the off season (cycling). When I was finally able to hop back on the bike I could instantly feel the gains in my stamina and power. They got me hooked.”

– Adrian Ricalde


Austin Ryan Toloza
Austin Ryan Toloza
I go by Coach Austin and I love what I do, which is inspiring and motivating people to surpass their own expectation! With over a decade of experience in the fitness industry, I have worked with clients across the spectrum: from NFL and UFC athletes to the Silicon Valley Corporate weekend warrior.
Kim Pajarillo
Kim Pajarillo
My super strong community refers to me as Coach Kim or Coach Kilo. I am currently studying at CSU East Bay, majoring in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Social Justice. My goal is to become a certified strength and conditioning coach for professional athletes, while working on my doctoral degree in Leadership & Higher Education for Change. I have a passion for learning and an even deeper passion for teaching.
Tim Pham
Tim Pham
My name is Tim and I teach and compete in the sport of weightlifting. I have been involved in the strength sport community for six years through the medium of being both a competitor and coach in powerlifting and weightlifting. I am pursuing a BS in Kinesiology with a minor in Business. I have been in the SJSU Powerlifting Club for four years and served as the President and Safety Officer from 2015-2017.


Keep Moving…..

Yesterday I uploaded a picture of Justin, an OG member who came back to restart his journey. He started with us way back when [...]


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